Bermuda Triangle

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     The Bermuda Triangle is located in the Atlantic Ocean and gets its' name because it lies between Miami, Florida, San Juan, Puerto Rico, and of course Bermuda. The Bermuda triangle is about 140,000 square miles in size. The phenomena of the triangle has been known to take place just outside and out into the Sargasso Sea toward the east. These paranormal waters have been a mystery at least(and probably) as long as ships have sailed through it. Christopher Columbus wrote about strange phenomena he witnessed as he sailed through the triangle in 1492 on the Santa Maria. Flight 19, which consisted of five U.S. Navy bombers vanished without a trace in the Bermuda Triangle along with a rescue plane on December 5, 1945. This mystery seems to be the foundation of the triangles credibility as an area of paranormal phenomena.
     All kinds of paranormal activities take place in this triangle of mystery. Planes loose power and become uncontrollable, compasses spin wildly, many ships and planes have disappeared completely, never to be seen again. The sky has been known to glow white and thick, green, glowing fog has also been witnessed. Strange, magnetic forces of unknown origin seem to be dragging airplanes toward the paranormal waters. What's even more unusual is that the disappearances of ships and planes take place in decent weather conditions.
     The Bermuda Triangle is not always a danger to fly or sail through. Many planes and boats of all shapes and sizes have traveled through the mystical area, at all times of the day without running into any paranormal activity, UFOs, or anything that would pose as a threat. The mystical waters are unpredictable and strike without warning. No one knows how, or what triggers the paranormal activity of the Bermuda Triangle.
     Foolish skeptics claim that ships and planes vanishing completely is caused by poor weather conditions, even though most of the time disappearances happen in good weather. There is also a theory of an underwater volcano that brings down ships and planes by suction. Some believe this paranormal area is a gateway to an unknown dimension. Due to so many UFO sightings seen in the paranormal triangle, It is believed by many that this mystery is caused by alien beings and are taking the people themselves. Other theories for the phenomena are black holes sucking ships and planes into them, and that parts of the mysterious area break the laws of gravity, electricity, and magnetism. There is also a theory of Atlantians from the sunken city of Atlantis taking the ships and planes down.
     The Bermuda Triangle is not the only mysterious waters on the map where ships and planes disappear. In the China Sea, southeast of Japans coast, there has been a lot of the same paranormal events Taking place. This mysterious area is called the "Devil's Sea". The "Devil's Sea" became known as a paranormal mystery when nine freighters disappeared in a five year span(1950-1954). The exact location of these paranormal waters is uncertain because there are so many different locations written through the years on the subject, without facts to back them up. However, the disappearances of the nine ships took place between Japans coast and Miyake Island.
     The Bermuda Triangle has taken over 1,000 people, never to be seen again. Despite all the scientists, private parties, biologists, and other people that have studied and researched this area, it continues to be a mystery and a place of paranormal activity. Other names for the Bermuda Triangle are "the Twilight Zone", "Port of Missing Ships", "the Devil's Triangle", "Hoodoo Sea", "Triangle of Death", and "Limbo of the Lost".
     I personally lean towards the theory of alien activities causing the disturbances and missing vehicles in the Bermuda Triangle. This is because of the many reports of witnesses that I have read seem to be of  crafts, lights, and powers that are not likely to be of this world. There is one particular account I read that I found very intersting regarding the Bermuda Triangle. In Secrets & Mysteries OF THE WORLD by Sylvia Browne page 22 she states "My doctor friend reported seeing a pyramid with a crystal on top under the water. He tried to get closer to it, but was repelled by what seemed to be an electrical force that went through his body." Apparently this force cured his cancer. I found this to be one of the most interesting stories regarding the triangle.

Bermuda Triangle painting I made

Here are just a few of the planes, ships and crews that have vanished in the mysterious Bermuda Triangle.

1840-Rosalie- This big French ship was discovered in the triangle while it was sailing to Havana from Europe. All the sails were set, and the cargo was in the ship but the entire crew was missing.

1947-Superfort- This U.S. Army C-54 vanished about 100 miles from Bermuda.

1948-Star Tiger- This IV airliner, after flying from the Azores islands, never reached it's destination of Bermuda. The Pilot radioed that weather was great and that he should be there in time but than vanished without a trace.

1949-Star Ariel- This other Tudor IV airliner vanished somewhere in between Jamaica and Bermuda.

1956- This B-25 bomber vanished around southeast Florida.

1963- Marine Sulphur Queen- This cargo ship left the port of Beaumont, Texas but then vanished before it reached its destination of Norfolk, Virginia.

1967-Witchcraft- This small cabin cruiser vanished completely after only traveling about a mile from shore. The boats propeller hit something underwater and called the Coast Guard for help but when the rescue boat arrived in the location given, the Witchcraft was gone.

1971- Luky Edur- This fishing boat was discovered drifting in the Atlantic Ocean with no passengers on board around New Jerseys Southern Coast.


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