Shadow People

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     Shadow people definitely fall under the category of paranormal. They are very black and mostly take the shape of silhouettes of human figures, and hardly ever have any facial features. They can be 2 or 3 dimensional, are mostly male looking, and are often fairly tall. Shadow people are one of the hardest phenomena to capture in photographs because they can move so quickly. Because they move quickly when seen, many people will just get a glimpse of the shadow person through the corner of their eye causing the witness to question what they have seen. They are known to stare and watch people until they are noticed and then they will disappear by vanishing or walking or melting through a wall.
     Some people believe them to be ghosts, while others see them as evil demons due to the unpleasant feelings that seem to accompany their presence. Others say that shadow people my be spiritual creatures that have found their way into our dimension and are curious about humans so they take our shape and observe our behaviours.

Shadow People
Shadow People will sometimes watch you sleeping

     At first I used to think of shadow people as ghosts. Then, the more I learned about them, the more they seemed to be something else. For one thing, why would human spirits be so interested in the behaviour of human beings? 2nd, shadow people have been described as being a unusually dark black. Often ghosts are seen as dark gray shadowy figures but not of the same darkness as shadow people.
There are however, characteristics of shadow people that one might use to classify them as ghosts. For one, shadow people can go through walls and vanish just as ghosts do. Another thing ghostly about shadow figures is that they have been known to show up in haunted locations. Whatever they are, shadow people are a very real phenomena.

     Shadow people are found in peoples homes as well as in the woods. Most of these spirits are harmless, although some witnesses have said to have felt choked or of being suffocated when these phenomena have been present. These actions would help to support the demon theory that shadow people are in fact malevolent and unfriendly. Although it could be paranoia for many witnesses, so many feel angry, hateful feelings coming from these dark figures.

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